How and What to Eat When You Are Stressed

Eat These Foods When You Are Stressed Out

Whether it’s the back to school season, COVID-19 or a plethora of more mundane & quotidian reasons unique to you, stress is a common factor in daily modern life. We all experience a level of stress in our lives that is related to factors particular to our environments–family, work, friends are all culprits. When the going get’s tough, it’s time to rely on a diet that is rich in nutrients to help support the flight or fight feelings your body will experience as you cope with daily stressors. As tempting or as easy it may be to eat your heart and soul away with a Burger & Fries, or a full dish of our Truffle Penne (we won’t judge you if you do!), you may not reap the long term benefits you are looking for. If you’re looking for more sustainable food options to help with stress, then look no further:


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“Anxiety is a widespread condition, affecting millions of people globally. Symptoms vary, and some people only experience them now and then. However, someone who experiences symptoms for 6 months or longer may have a generalized anxiety disorder (GAD).”


Continue reading for our comprehensive list on the top amino-acid, and health fat rich foods to eat for a minimal stress diet.




Salmon, fatty fish

Dark Chocolate

Matcha, Green Tea – Rather than sticking to coffee for you caffeine source, Green Tea still contains a high caffeine content (if not higher than some coffee beverages). One of it’s active ingredients, L-theanine, helps to avoid the jitters that area associated with caffeine derived from coffee, and has many brain-benefits that you can read more about here.

Brazil Nuts – High in Selenium, Anti-Oxidants.

Sunshine/Vitamin D – before you supplement, this can be absorbed via 15-20 minutes to sun exposure daily.

Tryptophan – Eggs, turkey

Pumpkin Seeds

Turmeric, curcumin, Cancer, Cinnamon, Anti-Inflammatory – look out for these ingredients to help with inflammation

Chamomile – to calm.

Yogurt, gut health, probiotics – to promote overall gut-health.

Ginger, Peppermint – to calm and settle the stomach.


Think about foods prepared with love, how you food is made and what is going into it. The more TLC we give to food, the more we that sentiment will return and give investment back into our bodies. When you are low, think about foods that can nourish you with more than just the ingredients in the dish. Have a meal with your family at the dinner table. Sit down and have a hot tea with a girlfriend, make an effort to visit a grandparent or someone you haven’t seen in a while to make an effort.


Think about how you eat your food, are you on the go, in the car, or walking down the street rushing to a meeting grab Starbucks on the way? Carve out time in your day to SIT and ENJOY your food, or what you are drinking. Mindful eating both helps to calm the mind (take an actual break in your day) and help out with your digestive system.

Chewing your food for a minimum of 15 bites per mouthful enables your digestive system to work at its optimal starting with saliva production in the mouth to start breaking down your food. Taking the time to chew can and will actually help you digest your food and extract the full amount of nutrients from the food product you are consuming, and help with your nutrient absorption in the long run.

For more information on stress, foods and alternative diets, take a look at our previous blogs in our “Introduction To” series to help you de-bunk some of the food trends and different diets right now.


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Foods That Help Reduce Anxiety

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