Big Up Your Salad Bowl for Summer

A few seasonal extras to take your bowl from regular lunchtime chow to wow.

A few seasonal extras to take your bowl from regular lunchtime chow to wow. Here’s how to BIG UP YOUR SALAD BOWL ✨⁣

We took one of our favourite prepared salad bowls and added a few extras to make it that much more summery, delicious and can work to serve a few extra people if you are looking for some entertaining and summer app ideas: ⁣

✨ A heap of guac, a must. ⁣Shop it here.

✨ @nealbrothers tortilla chips to dip (or make this more of a taco bowl). ⁣We love the rounds or the blue flax varieties.

✨ #local Ontario peaches 🍑 diced, or you can check out @wifeofagrocer’s peach salsa recipe. ⁣

✨ Our own BBQ Pulled Pork, but you can also sub this for a pulled Jackfruit or vegan/veggie alternative too. ⁣

Comment below your favourite prepared salad or summer lunch ideas that use a local fruit or veg from this season! Note: We chose the SHM Taco Salad Bowl for this recipe!

Hannah Nastamagos

Hannah Nastamagos

Hannah is SHM's resident E-Commerce Manager, ghostwriter, and customer service rep! When she's not getting back to you on the Online Desk, you'll find her cooking or scouting the latest food trends on IG for Summerhill's online platform.

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