The Antipasto Kit


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Everything but the cheese. Receive all the accouterments for a gorgeous antipasto platter to enjoy with wine or a cocktail at home. 

What’s Inside:

Salted Raise The Bar Nuts, BeeLocal Honey, Catherine’s Antipasto, Jeff’s Garden Castelvetrano Olives, Our Own Garlic Cheese Bread, Bru Mustard, Our Own Cheese Straws & Dried Apricots, Dry Age Salami, Nairn’s Flatbreads.

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Salted Raise the Bar Nuts
BeeLocal Honey
SMH Dried Apricots
Catherine's Vegetarian Antipasto
Jeff's Garden Whole Castelvetrano Olives
Garlic Cheese Crackerbread
Nairn's Gluten Free Flatbread
Bru Mustard German Rouchbier
SMH Cheese Straws 200g

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