Blank Slate Woke 01 – 410ml


Need to get up and go? I’ll have your metabolic system running like minions on a mission to save the century. I’ll take you on a wild taste journey with each sip unravelling multiple different flavour profiles! They say the easiest way to get a hit of dopamine is through your tastebuds so go on, devour me from every angle – sweet, savoury, and sour. I’ll be your nutritious energy booster and your green light to have a f*cking good day.

My dose of ginger is enough to make you a genius and my Siberian Ginseng is the cognitive cure you need to make your mind a multitasking machine. I’ve got Popeye’s infamous spinach in the mix and my green layers are full of fruity, tangy, lemony tones that will back you through some daily breakthroughs and get your system running like a dream.