Blank Slate Glow 02 – 410ml


Dance to the beet of my beauty booster! I’ve got stimulants that foster radical cellular restoration and make you glow like you just got back from Bali. I invite you to indulge in my elegant elixir packed with a punch of enzymes and nutrients that clear your complexion and enhance your appearance.

But I’m more than just a glow bomb, I’m layered with wild notes, fruity flavours, and hearty beetroot tones that will tickle your tastebuds. A floral fantasy of pear trees, pineapple plants and a hint of rose lingering on the palate. My Rose Water is rich in antioxidants that reduce redness and will leave your skin feeling as soft as a petal. I’m also packed with Polygonum, a root extract that results in hair as luscious as a forest after the spring rain.

Beauty blooms best with a great diet and good decisions – I’ll help you achieve both! Let me treat you to the taste of a summer vacay that has you shining for days.