Blank Slate Calm 01 – 410ml


Time to unwind? I’m the recipe that removes brain fog so you can discover the power of a mind

Tough day? You can le-mon me. I’m the ultimate greenpeace activist who will make you as chilled out as the flavour crew I have on board. If it’s time to unwind then I’m the recipe that will remove brain fog so you can discover the power of a mind restored. Layered with calm components and an undertone of ginger, my combo is a curb from the craziness!

My basil seeds are my hidden gem that will give you the breather you need so you can balance your burnout and find your zen. And with a dash of Gotu Kola, your body will reserve energy so your mind can focus on maintaining your overall well-being. California Poppy makes me a recipe for the type of relaxation that will kick your insomnia to the curb getting you rested for your next big break. Refreshingly balanced notes of apple and spinach, professionals at keeping you stable and hydrating your senses with a recipe for relaxation – because life is cool when it’s cold-pressed.