Antipasto Platter – Serves 6-10


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Our antipasto platter pairs a selection of high-quality preserved products from around the world and Summerhill’s own signature staples. To be enjoyed with a baguette (now included!), the platter includes balsamic cipollini onions, marinated and grilled artichokes, and Cerignola olives. We round off the selection with Our Own mushroom conserva, agrodolce peppers, and fior di latte mozzarella tossed with house-made basil pesto.

Ingredients: Mozzarella di bufala tossed in SHM Pesto,  Marinated grilled artichokes, Cerignola olives, Peruvian sweet peppers, Mushroom conserva in an agrodolce marinade, Balsamic cippolini Onions.

This platter includes one baguette!

"Conserva" is a means to preserve and marinate, often associated with spanish conserva (preserved seafood tins). Our mushrooms are roasted until tender, then while still hot, are immersed in a marinade of sherry vinegar, fresh thyme, fennel and mustard seeds, black pepper. The whole mixture if kept under oil so that as it cools down they absorb all of these bold flavours.

Agrodolce is the italian term for sweet & sour. Our marinade is made of white wine vinegar, sugar, sultana raisins, red onions and chili flakes. We roast our peppers on high heat until blistered and tender then submerge them in the marinade while hot to absorb as much flavour as possible until cool. Sweet, sticky with a kick of acid and little bit of heat.

Contains: Tree nuts, Milk. May contain: peanuts, wheat, soy, sesame, mustard, eggs, sulphites, fish, crustacean shellfish.