5 Tips to Start Your Detox Today

Here are five things you can do today to help with detoxification in your daily life.

While there is a lot of information online and in media about detox, health, wellness, dieting…how do you mange this information without being overwhelmed or disheartened when your new diet doesn’t go to plan? A few of the Summerhill team members are out on a mission to focus more on leading a balanced lifestyle, rather than conforming to a specific hard and fast diet or something as extreme as the “Goop Detox” that made the topic of detoxing so popular in the first place (also because we all love our food here!). Below are five tips to take into consideration if you are looking to start the new year with your health in mind, and give your system a post-holiday gluttonous shake up, #newyearnewyou right?

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1. Eat more parsley (and greens in general)

A small, yet simple change you can make to detox your daily diet is to consume more parsley. Wife of a Grocer tells us this herb is great for natural detoxification of the liver and body. Its cleansing properties not only work to rid the body of excess water (great for de-puffing), but also help to reduce inflammation, fight disease and is rich in vitamins “A, B, C and K” (read more). Try adding a hand-torn bunch to your salad at lunch, on top of a curry with a dash of yogurt and sriracha, or even to your scrambled eggs in the morning for a start.

“The point here is that there are many small changes you can make to increase your intake of water, and avoid always reaching for a caffeinated or sugar-packed beverage.”

 2. Start your morning with lemon and hot water

Our Executive Chef swears by this one! Starting the day with a glass of water, or better yet a cup of hot water and lemon, has been known for centuries to help the body kickstart the day with hydration and natural detoxification. Think of drinking at least a full glass of water before reaching for your morning brew, so rather than dehydrating yourself instantly with a coffee or tea, you are starting the day on the right footing with water instead. Its a small change that eventually can turn into a good habit over time (our personal views of a detox). Lemon water is also great for gut health, and aids in digestion (and is low cal and low sugar).

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3. Just add (RAW) honey

Keep in mind that lemon is not the only thing you can use to flavour your water with, try fresh mint leaves and honey, or a ginger and honey tea before bed. Honey is also a great natural allergy deterrent, and is high in anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties. Try looking for a raw honey to maximize on the above benefits. Detox teas are also a great sleepy time drink to help relax and detox after dinner.

 4. spice it up

Add more spices into your diet like turmeric and cinnamon for their anti-inflammatory properties as part of your daily detox routine. Trying a drink change up from coffee to something like a turmeric latte can help reduce your intake of caffeine, as well as promoting the intake of healthier ingredients like raw honey, ginger, spices, even a protein powder. Don’t be shy when it comes to adding curries or spiced powders to your cooking as this is also a great way to incorporate more spices into your diet.

Since turmeric enriched foods and drinks are still a big trend for 2018, try something like an Immunity Shot from Village Juicery, or Moonshine Mamma’s Elixirs for a shot when you are feeling under the weather or combine a few simple ingredients to make your own.


Probably the hardest thing to conquer, limiting the amounts of processed sugar you consume can do wonders for overall health and wellness, and weight loss as “sugar is the root cause of most diseases including cardiovascular and especially obesity” (Suzie’s Good Fats, website).  Start with an agave nectar in your morning latte, the more you can rely on natural or low-gylcemic sweetners (if you still need them), the better. Things like raw honey, agave, and coconut sugar will help you feel more balanced throughout the day rather than spiking cortisol and insulin levels resulting in an afternoon crash.





Hannah Nastamagos

Hannah Nastamagos

Hannah is SHM's resident E-Commerce Manager, ghostwriter, and customer service rep! When she's not getting back to you on the Online Desk, you'll find her cooking or scouting the latest food trends on IG for Summerhill's online platform.

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