Brad McMullen

Bob McMullen's youngest son, Brad started working at Summerhill Market at the age of 10 and today is the store's general manager. Every day, Brad looks for new ways to raise the bar when it comes to his father and grandfather's tradition of providing the local community with fresh produce, superior grocery selection, choice meats and homemade prepared food items. Whether it's ensuring our back-end operations run seamlessly, or that our front-end products are presented perfectly, Brad is passionate about making Summerhill Market the best independent grocer in the country.

Christy McMullen

Christy is Bob McMullen's daughter, and she joined her dad and brother Brad at Summerhill Market in 2003 as store manager. A Chartered Accountant by trade, Christy worked internationally for years with KPMG before returning to her roots at the family business. A McMullen through and through, Christy is dedicated to getting a job done - and getting it done well.

Bob McMullen

The current owner of Summerhill Market, Bob, is the second oldest child of founder, Frank McMullen. Bob grew up in the store and has dedicated his life to the grocery business. Bob learned from his father that the key ingredient for success in the grocery business is a commitment to quality - a tradition he's proud to share with his customers, his staff and now his children.


 Joe Ranieri
Produce Manager

Joe has worked with Summerhill Market since 1990 and, as our produce manager, definitely puts the ‘pro' in ‘produce'. Often arriving before sunrise, Joe is extremely dedicated keeping us all well stocked with the highest quality produce anywhere. (In fact, he's so good at finding us the freshest produce; you'd think we were growing it out back.) If you've got a question about any of our produce, Joe is always happy to give you all the info you need.

Joe Guzzo-Foliaro
Produce Manager

Joe has a passion for produce that goes back to his childhood. Growing up, Joe worked in his family store on the Danforth. He has been going to the Ontario Food Terminal and purchasing produce since 1982. After working at family businesses and a breif stint at a larger retailer, Joe met with Brad and Bob to develop a new plan for Summerhill Market. Immediately, Joe felt like family among the McMullen's. Both coming from independent grocery stores, they wanted Summerhill to be the source for the best local and specialty produce. Joe returned to purchasing at the Terminal and developing relationships with Ontario farmers. He has been driven to expand the Produce department and his key relationships bring the first of Ontario's produce to our store. Joe is such a positive force at our store - with a smile on his face and a great suggestion of what's best in season!

Robert Ryniak
Grocery Manager

Robert moved to Canada from Poland in 1987 and after working for many years in the grocery industry, became our grocery manager in 1998. Robert personally knows each brand, and is a great resource if you want to learn more about the differences between them, great alternatives to traditional products, and how effective a particular cleaning products is! If there's a product you're looking for that we don't carry, just ask Robert and he'll be happy to get it for you.

Margaret Persaud
Deli Manager

When Margaret first came to Summerhill Market 14 years ago, her task was the daily cleaning of the fish counter. As an immigrant from Guyana, she was determined to work her way up at the grocery store by taking on every task she was given. Margaret has seen many changes to the Deli at Summerhill since those days. Since being appointed the Deli Manager, Margaret worked to bring the finest cheeses and cured meats to the store. Working with Chef Jameson has really expanded the Deli department - the counter is now full of selections made in the Summerhill kitchen. Margaret is a caring mother and grandmother; a warm-hearted personality that she brings to the deli counter. She feels rewarded by the relationships she has built with our regular customers and continues to expand her expertise.



Angelo Guzzo
Meat Manager

Angelo has been working in the grocery business since he was young. Along with his brother, Joe (Produce Manager), Angelo came to Summerhill Market with a firm commitment to quality. Angelo has brought the best farmed meat and caught seafood the city can offer. His 20 year experience in grocery meat departments, has secured solid supplier relationships.



Memorial of Frank Mcmullen
January 16, 1914 - April 20, 2003
Frank McMullen was the founder of Summerhill Market, which he opened in Rosedale back in 1954. As the neighborhood grocer, Frank took pride in knowing the majority of our customers by name and eventually became one of the most well known faces in the community. His legacy survives through our continued commitment to customer service. His mandate was that the customer was always #1, every product in the store is 100% guaranteed, and that if we didn't carry something you were looking for, we would find it for you.