In February 1, 2011 Sherwood Market closed its doors for the first time in 30 years. In a deal made for metaphors, it stayed in the family, history has repeated itself and what was old is new again.


Bob McMullen bought Sherwood in 1981. He then sold the store to his brother, Wayne McMullen in 1986. After running a successful neighbourhood grocery business for 25 years, Wayne McMullen sold his business to his nephew, Brad McMullen of Summerhill Market. The doors were closed for an interior facelift and re-opened with a new, classic and fresh look in June 15th of this year. It was such a natural fit, and a very positive deal for everyone involved. All of Sherwood Market staff had been working at Summerhill Market to become familiar with the products and procedures. Wayne unlocked the value of his business and is expected to be around to help out and become a part of the new business.


We look forward to bring many of Summerhill Market's unique products to the Sherwood Market location. Having spent the better part of the last 20 years perfecting our prepared foods and being the self-proclaimed global leader in offering freshly prepared products, we are ready to face another challenging task of supporting another location.

The NEW Summerhill Market looks absolutely gorgeous and we hope that we find the support of the locals who have supported Sherwood Market in their community for the last 30 years. We endeavour ourselves to be the ‘Best Little Store in Canada' and we will do this with only the freshest product, the friendliest and most attentive customer service in a clean and safe environment for both our customers and staff. Given the small space we have, we only carry the best of what Summerhill Market has to offer but we will do our absolute best to support the needs of the community. To sum it up as briefly as possible, we would like Sherwood Market to be a Greatest Hits compilation of Summerhill Market.



1. What products are we carrying?
It's no secret that the best products of Summerhill Market come from our 6000 sq ft state of the art cooking facility where everything is made to be the best, period. The lengths we go to make sure of this are not to be believed. We certainly would like to focus on these products at this location, but still keeping in mind that the new Summerhill Market must also service the community. We expect to be a full service grocery store but we will be limited in the selection of everyday products we will have for sale. Having been in business for 50+ years we know customers do not all like the same things but we do know which is preferred and we will do our best to make the best choices in this regard.

2.) What about parking?
Contrary to popular belief, we feel there is ample parking at this location. Unfortunately there is one MAJOR restriction that cars can not park on Mt. Pleasant between 7-9 and 4-6 between Monday-Friday which is certainly hard to work around unless you find space on a side street. However, typically there are 5 spots directly in front of Sherwood Market, 5 directly across the street, another 8 on Mt. Pleasant just north of the store and several side streets with free temporary parking. It will be one of our goals to be able to get customers in and out as quickly as possible so we expect to high a frequent turnover of the best available spot. We think walking a half a block is not too much of an inconvenience to be able to get free convenient parking in mid-town. In fact, it's probably a shorter walk than any free parking you might find at a chain-store parking lot! With carry out service and our pledge to keep ALL sidewalks clean and free of weather and debris, we hope you will find it convenient to come to Summerhill Market.

3.) Can we use our house accounts at both locations?
Yes, you certainly can. Our database is synchronized to accomodate both account holders. Summerhill and Sherwood account holders will be able to charge their accounts at both locations.



Monday - Saturday 8:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Sundays 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM



1054 Mt. Pleasant Road, Toronto Ontario
T: 416-485-4471